Passione Italiana

As our name says, we are “passionate about Italy”. In other words, we blend Italian culture, language, history and food. To clarify, since 2011 Passione Italiana provides high quality experiences for people who, like you, have a passione for Italy.

So, whether you love travelling to Italy or simply want to learn about it without having to board a plane, we can help. We offer bilingual talks, Italian lessons online, trips to Italy as well as reference books on Amazon and lots more. In essence:

Vivi l’Italia dalla A alla Zeta! – Experience Italy from A to Z!

Bilingual Talks

Our presentations are a fun and unique way to learn some Italian. In other words, these are delivered in local restaurants where you can listen to a bilingual talk whilst enjoying a starter, a main course and a glass of vino! In brief, you have never experienced anything like it.

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Bilingual Talks

Learn Italian in Italy

We organise regular educational experiences in Italy which will fully immerse you in the local culture. Join us for a weekend of sightseeing, language activities and, most of all, food and drink!

In addition, we will take you to local bars and restaurants and will guide you in authentic situations so that you can practise your language skills.

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Free Italian Lessons

If you want to learn to speak this charming and musical language, quickly head to our YouTube channel, where you will find Italian Lessons at Beginners and Intermediate levels with Marta.

Equally, Silvia will challenge you in the  "Guess What It Is" games!

Italian Lessons

Reference Books

Similarly, if you are serious about your language learning, go on Amazon to find our grammar book for beginners, ‘Simpl-Italian’ and our reference book on the differences between English and Italian, ‘England vs Italy’.

They are both aimed at English native speakers and will support you on your amazing language learning journey.


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Reference books
Bilingual Talks
Bilingual talks
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Italian Lessons
Italian lessons
Learn Italian in Italy