4 Textbooks to Learn Italian

Today I’m sharing with you five books I think could be helpful for all of you studying Italian. You are all different as students, so you want to find a book that fits your learning needs. 

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This book is aimed at English speakers who want to learn Italian grammar in an easy and approachable way. Its simple explanations, frequent references to English and interactive exercises will boost your confidence when talking to Italians.

Nuovo Espresso

Its method is conversation-oriented, so every task and exercise aims at bringing students to conversation proficiency. Not only linguistic and cultural aspects are investigated, students will find grammar topics explained in the light of a grammatically correct conversation. In conclusion, if you don’t like traditional learning methods and you want to be able to speak from the beginning, I recommend you check out Nuovo Espresso! It comes with an audio cd and extra contents on web for all levels.

Grammatica Italiana per Stranieri

This handbook is oriented towards building students’ confidence with grammar. All the topics are analysed for the target audience, which is composed of foreign students, it means that grammar is not explained as it would be to Italian students. Also, the focus is on the most used and useful grammar structures.

Grammatica Attiva

This handbook covers proficiency levels from A1 to B2 and it’s focused on teaching grammar in context. It contains many exercises and tasks aimed for students to use the correct structures in alla sorts of communicative events.



Do you use any of the handbooks I mentioned in this post? I would you to share your learning experience! Do you use a different handbook? Let me know what it is!