Bilingual Talks

We are not able to offer bilingual talks currently due to the pandemic.
Please register your interest by e-mailing so that you can be notified as soon as they safely resume.

Embark on a tour of Italian cities and towns. These unique online learning experiences are delivered in local Italian restaurants in East London. Alex will unveil the hidden gems as well as useful information on each city through detailed pictures, and will present its history, typical dishes and main attractions, for example. If you never visited the city featured in one of our virtual tours, you will feel you are walking its streets. If you did, we guarantee you will still learn something new about Italy and the wonderful places it has to offer. Either way, get ready for a unique guided tour!

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Restaurant bilingual talks
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Having fun and learning at the same time

Each bilingual talk is prepared in Italian, by carefully selecting words and phrases to ensure the language is accessible to everybody, irrespective of their level of Italian. So, not only will you learn about the city, you will also pick up some Italian too.

Our presentations are fully interactive, allowing you to participate (only if you want to) by answering the questions and completing the language activities. These include gap fill, matching, simple translations, guess the attraction and many more!

The details – what you can expect

All our bilingual talks start at 7pm UK Time and are suitable for absolute beginners as well as for those with some knowledge of Italian. We recommend you attend all of them so that you can be totally immersed in the ‘Italian experience’. All you need to do is call the restaurant and book a table.

Preziosa Padova – Coming soon

Padova 1

Salubre Salerno – Coming soon


Perfetta Perugia – Coming soon

Bunno Romford