A beautifully colonnaded medieval grid, Bologna is a city of two intriguing halves. One side is a hard-working, high-tech city located in the Po valley. The other is more edgy, hosting the world’s oldest university and is famous for its piazzas.

Bologna - Passione Italiana

It has it all

Firstly, surrounded by hills, Bologna’s city center is still much as it was during the Renaissance. You will find red-colored buildings, medieval palaces, porticoed streets and the leaning towers of Asinelli and Garisenda.

Moreover, Bologna provides the best of several worlds. It has beautiful piazzas, churches, and museums. It’s also an important commercial center. It’s a thriving university town filled with cafés, bars, and nightlife. Finally, it is a gastronomic heaven, famous for its pasta, sausage, cheese, and wine.

One city, several names

No wonder Bologna has many historical nicknames. La Grassa (the fat one) celebrates a rich food legacy. La Dotta (the learned one) as the university was founded here in 1088. La Rossa (the red one) alludes to the terracotta medieval buildings as well as the city’s fondness for left-wing politics.

Bold and proud

Today, Bologna is one of Europe’s cultural capital. An ancient city with a widely respected artistic heritage, it has promoted various cultural initiatives on an international scale. To summarise, it has a strong identity, with its towers, gateways, magnificent palaces, and joie de vivre.

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