Drink coffee like an Italian

Here are a few basic rules you must follow to drink coffee like an Italian.

Never say “espresso”: in Italy it is understood that the coffee that being ordered will be an espresso coffee. A kind of default setting that does not require any further clarification.

Milk is only allowed in the morning: everything that is a milk-based coffee, like cappuccino, is to be consumed by 10 am. It is not acceptable to drink cappuccino after lunch or after dinner. 

Keep your order simple: do not overdo it with extravagances at the time of ordering. Forget frappuccini, mint coffee or similar. The only exceptions are hazelnut coffee and the marocchino coffee (spotted coffee with milk and a cocoa spray).

Double coffee: Italians generally prefer to take more coffees during the day than a massive dose once a day.

Pay at checkout after drinking: in Italy you can order coffee (un caffè) at the bar and then, having consumed it, pay it to the cashier (la cassa). An exception to this rule is in transit locations like airports or train stations, where you have to pay for your order first and then go to the barman (barista) with your receipt.

Standing: you must consume coffee quickly, standing in front of the counter.

Italian coffee - Passione Italiana