Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Passione Italiana photo gallery. You will find our favourite photos of everything we love about Italy, and, of course, the Italian way of life. You will aslo find pictures of our trips to Italy. For more information click here. If you recognise yourself in one of the shots, then drop us an email to let us know.

This page contains some magnificent photos of Italy, evocative and beautiful, these photos capture the true essence of Italy.

Pictures of Italy and Italian landmark historical monuments and cities. Italy is so rich in culture and scenery that it is many things to many people. To some the Italy is summed up by a romantic trip in a Gondola on a Venetian canal, to others Italy is summed up by the Romans and great historic monuments like the Colosseum. For many a walk around the narrow lanes an ancient Tuscan hill town to a medieval square with a cafe is heaven, whist others search out Renaissance master pieces in the small towns and villages all over Italy.

Therefore, you will see photos of Italy (including the Rome, Venice, Florence, and more) in this travel photo gallery from Passione Italiana.