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Here are our most popular blogs. Italy is best known as a holiday destination. With its 7.500 kilometres of coast (much of which consists of beaches), majestic mountains, amazing cities, and stunning countryside, it’s a place to spend some time doing nothing but enjoying it all. And let’s not forget the food and wine!

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Italy? Or perhaps you’ve already moved there and you’re looking for some tips from an insider? For your interest, here are a few English-language blogs about Italy.

Nowadays we can access almost everything we want at the click of a button. You can watch all the cat videos you want, see world news unfold before your eyes or keep tabs on the friends you haven’t seen in ages. But what about incorporating Italian into your everyday life? A single click can do that too! Keeping up with your Italian is easy with so many options online. And blogs are one of these incredible tools that can boost your language skills and motivate you—whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced Italian learner.

“Wait, blogs?” you might be asking. “I’ll improve my Italian by reading blogs?”. Absolutely! Here’s why, plus awesome blogs you can start reading today. Following a language learning blog is a great way to see how others navigate the language and how others overcome challenges that may be hindering your own progress. Blogs offer great tips and tricks for Italian language learners.


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