Reference Books

Here are the reference books we published on Amazon so far aimed at those on a language learning journey and/or interested in Italian culture, language and life.

This book is for at English speakers who want to learn Italian grammar in an easy and approachable way. Its simple explanations, frequent references to English and interactive exercises will boost your confidence when talking to Italians. The grammatical explanations are clear and user-friendly. We avoid jargon so that you can learn without worrying about understanding what you read. Finally, there are exercises with a comprehensive answer key at the back of the book (but don’t cheat!).


We learn a foreign language in order to connect with the people of the country speaking it. We are challenged by new structures, new patterns, new vocabulary which make sure that culture comes to life. Whenever possible, we look out for reassuring similarities with the language/s we are familiar with. Such similarities are difficult to find. At times, words and expressions are misleading since their meaning unexpectedly differs. At times, it is the people’s customs and habits which puzzle us. This book attempts to straighten out some instances native speakers of English may find tricky when coming to grips with Italian.