The Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are a true paradise in Puglia, where thousands of tourists go every summer.

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The archipelago is officially declared a Protected Area and is part of the Gargano National Park.

Because of the morphology of the islands here there are not vast beaches, but rather many small rocky coves. The shores of the Tremiti are ideally best explored by boat, since they host numerous caves (the most famous is the “Grotta del Bue Marino”).

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches of this area:

Cala delle Arene is located on the Island of San Domino and is the main sandy beach of the Tremiti. Here there are a white sandy beach and calm and crystal-clear waters. Cala delle Arene is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas and is usually popular with holidaymakers. Along the side is the “Grotta dell’Arenile”.

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In the north-east of San Domino, right in front of the Cretaccio, the Pagliai beach is definitely the most photogenic one of the Tremiti, given its position in a small bay at the foot of an impressive cliff. The risk of rock falling from the rocky wall make the sandy beach unusable, but during the summer season tourists arrive by boat to swim in this spectacular setting. In the afternoon the sun disappears behind the rocks, so it remains completely in the shade. 

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On the east coast of San Domino, Cala Matana (or Cala della Duchessa) has been made famous by the album Luna Matana by Lucio Dalla, who had a home here. The cove, between the rocks and the vegetation, has a crystal clear sea ideal for snorkeling. It can be reached by an easy path. On the small sandy beach there are sun loungers and parasols.

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Cala degli Inglesi and Cala dei Benedettini are located along the west coast of San Domino and are separated by the “Punta del Vapore”. These rocky beaches have a crystal clear sea that gently slopes all around. Aleppo pines are the cornerstone of the picturesque postcard image of the two caves.

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The island of Capraia is reachable only by private boats. Here many tourists go out for diving and to admire the fascinating form of the Archipelago, a rock arch on the sea in front of the coast in the northeast of the island.

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